Your Choice Book Contest!

September 28, 2009


Yay! Another Contest! This contest will be a little different then my other contests. The rules will be the same (be sure to read them HERE), but the only difference is that you will get to pick the book prize from my “Book Prize Shelf”… so it’s a Your Choice Book Contest! I have a wide variety of Romance genre books for you to choose from for your prize. Once I choose the winner as stated in the rules the winner must contact me to claim their prize.

NOTE: The winner will only be able to choose ONE book for their prize.

Contest ENDS on Monday October 5th, 2009 at midnight central time! 

To enter just answer the question below:

What is the best book you’ve read so far this year? A book that you just couldn’t put down, that was just so amazing you had your head stuck in the book until you finished it?


Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Blog Updates

September 27, 2009


Hello again everyone! I told ya I’d be back!

I thought that in todays post I’d tell you about some updates that are going to be happening on my blog and some things I’ve already done. 

First off here are the things I have planned that are going to take place or that I’m currently working on (I’ll have a future blog update post that will let you all know when these things are finished):

~ I’m going to be getting rid of my monthly What’s On Your Playlist? meme. It just doesn’t seem to be that likable at this time. I might bring it back in the future, but who knows.

~ I have a TON and I mean a ton of books that I’m signed up to read and review so expect quite a few new Bubba Dog’s Book Reviews coming up soon! 😀

~ Since you already know that I haven’t been able to blog for the past few months it also means that I haven’t had a chance to check my email much either :/ so anyone who has emailed me about the blog or book reviews or questions or anything I’ll be getting back to you ASAP.

~ I’m working on a new page for the Weekly Words Challenge as well. I only participated in it once when I started so now I’m going to join in again and have some fun showing everyone my photography.

Here are the updates that I’ve already done:

~ I gave in! I joined Facebook for the blog! LoL I already had a “personal” facebook page, but I decided to make another one just for my blog (so I can post updates, when I have a book review up, etc.). So if you’re interested, add me! Plus there is a new facebook application called “NetworkedBlogs” where you can create a page for your blog and people can rate it and follow it. The application keeps tabs on your blog so when you have a new blog post it updates it on the NetworkedBlogs application for you to let everyone else know you have a new post up. Pretty cool huh? 🙂

Dani Atwater

Create Your Badge

Okay, well that’s about it for now. Now a question for you all:

Got any good book recommendations for me? Any books that you just couldn’t put down, that were just so amazing you had your head stuck in the book until you finished it? 😀

See ya tomorrow!


Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Getting Back On Track…

September 26, 2009


I’ve been away for along time, I know 😦 and I’ve missed blogging terribly, along with my fellow bloggers and blog friends.

I had a lot of things going on over the summer that I needed to take care of, especially some important family things that needed to be put first and formost before blogging, but now I’m back and I’m going to get back on track…. oh i just rhymed didn’t I :/ … lol anyway I know there are some prizes I owe people, so please be patient and I’ll get that settled within the next week and announce the winners (the contests on the side bar are CLOSED and those are the contests I’m talking about for the prizes I owe).

Since I’ve been gone for so long I know I’ve lost readers, but that’s okay. I’m just going to jump back into blogging and start fresh and new if that makes sense lol. I’ll be blogging like regular again so one last thing before I go…

a big HELLO to everyone! I’ll be back early tomorrow morning with another post!


Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Better Than Chocolate Book Co. & Girl Reads Romance

June 24, 2009


Yesterday I came across this great online used book store and I just have to tell you about it!

Jennifer – the owner of Better Than Chocolate Book Co. – opened the “online” doors of her store in 2005. Her store offers used Romance & Women’s Fiction books in mainly paperback, but does offer a bit of everything including hardcover and books on cd/tape.

Here are some perks you can find at her store:

  • BetterBucks – Earn cash back on every purchase over $5.00, to use on future purchases.
  • DustCatcher Book Sale –  A certain selection of books $1.00 each. Held every 3rd Monday of each month.
  • 2Buck Book Overstock – All books she has an overstock of are $2.00 each.
  • .50 Cent Book Blast – Twice a year (late spring & fall) all overstock books are .50 cents each.

Looks like I’m going to be doing some book shopping soon! 😀 If you’d like to check out this awesome used book store head on over to Better Than Chocolate Book Co.! You won’t be disappointed!



Jennifer also has a Ning Social Network called Girl Reads Romance. This is a social network for Romance readers/writers to have fun and discuss our favorite books! As an added bonus Jennifer has an ongoing event called 10 Book Tuesday, every Tuesday you could have a chance to win a grab bag full of 10 books! To enter all you need to do is be a member of Girl Reads Romance and make sure to RSVP every Tuesday and you’re entered! It’s that easy! So come on over and join in on this fun community! We’d love to have you! If you join, be sure to add me and Jennifer as a friend!


Now time for another contest!

Jennifer has graciously donated an amazing prize to giveaway!

A grab bag full of 20 Romance books!!! Ya, you read that correctly, 20 Romance books!!! Keep in mind though they are used, but are in excellent condition and the grab bag will have a mixture of all sub-genres within Romance.

To enter all you need to do is be sure to follow the Contest Rules and answer the 2 Trivia Questions below:

Contest Rules:

– contest is open to U.S. Residents ONLY

– ONLY people who are 18 years old or older can enter

– you MUST e-mail ME your answers to the 2 Trivia Questions, if you answer the Trivia Questions in the comments area your comment will be deleted and your entry will be disqualified!

– When you email me your answers be sure to put GRAB BAG CONTEST in the subject line (My email address is listed in the contact area on my sidebar).

Contest ends on Wednesday July 8th at midnight central time!!!

Here are the Trivia Questions:

1. What are the names of Jennifer’s 2 small dogs?

HINT: Answer can be found in the About Us section of her used book store website Better Than Chocolate Book Co.

2. What state does Girl Reads Romance (aka Jennifer) live in?

HINT: Answer can be found on the profile page of Girl Reads Romance (she’s the creator of the network too).


Okay everyone be sure to check out Jennifer’s used book store, Better Than Chocolate Book Co. and her social network Girl Reads Romance!


      Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Weekly Words Challenge

June 23, 2009

I’m joining in on a fun meme challenge called…


This meme is run by Tink of Pickled Beef, if you haven’t been to her blog I suggest you check it out, its amazing! 😀

Okay here’s how the challenge works:

Every Tuesday Tink will pick out 2 words for the week – you can find the weekly words on her blog – then all you have to do is grab your camera and take pictures of things that you believe interpret those words. Then on the following Tuesday you post your photos and go to Pickled Beef and post the link to your post under Tink’s WWC post and she’ll also have 2 new words for everyone. Does that make sense? For some reason I’m horrible at trying to explain things today… 😛

Okay here are the words for this week:

C and Wood

C is for Cali Mae…


C is for Chance…




I think I cheated, but I had to use an old photo I took for one of the weekly words – “Wood” because we’ve had the crapiest weather here for the past few days and I didn’t want to take a chance and get my camera wet. 😛

So there you have it… if you’d like to check out the other Weekly Words Challenges head on over to Pickled Beef and check out her WWC post and scroll through the comments to visit other bloggers who are participating! 🙂


       Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Happy Father’s Day!

June 21, 2009


Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads, uncles, and grandpas! You know who you are! 🙂


      Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


I’m Hosting The Host!

June 20, 2009


***NOTE: Sadly Stephenie Meyer is not taking part in this tour so the information below was taken from The Host website.***

Q & A with Stephenie Meyer

Q: What inspired the idea for The Host?

A: The kernel of thought that became The Host was inspired by absolute boredom. I was driving from Phoenix to Salt Lake City, through some of the most dreary and repetitive desert in the world. It’s a drive I’ve made many times, and one of the ways I keep from going insane is by telling myself stories. I have no idea what sparked the strange foundation of a body-snatching alien in love with the host body’s boyfriend over the host-body’s protest. I was halfway into the story before I realized it. Once I got started, though, the story immediately demanded my attention. I could tell there was something compelling in the idea of such a complicated triangle. I started writing the outline in a notebook, and then fleshed it out as soon as I got to a computer. The Host was supposed to be no more than a side project—something to keep me busy between editing stints on Eclipse—but it turned into something I couldn’t step away from until it was done.

Q: Did you approaching writing The Host, your first adult novel, differently than your YA series?

A: Not at all. Like the Twilight Saga (this is probably the only way The Host is like the Twilight Saga!), The Host is just a story I had fun telling myself. My personal entertainment is always the key to why a story gets finished. I never think about another audience besides myself while I’m writing; that can wait for the editing stage.

Q: You have referred to The Host as being a science fiction novel for people who don’t like science fiction. Can you explain why?

A: Reading The Host doesn’t feel like reading science fiction; the world is familiar, the body you as the narrator are moving around inside of is familiar, the emotions on the faces of the people around you are familiar. It’s very much set in this world, with just a few key differences. If it weren’t for the fact that alien stories are by definition science fiction, I wouldn’t classify it in that genre.

Q: There is a lot of internal dialogue between Wanderer, the narrator and invading “soul”, and Melanie, the human whose body Wanderer is now living inside. Each character has her own distinct voice and internal struggle. Was it a challenge to have the two characters, who essentially take up one body, stand on their own?

A: Wanderer and Melanie were very distinct personalities to me from day one; keeping them separate was never an issue. Melanie is the victim—she’s the one that we, as humans, should identify with; at the same time, she is not always the more admirable character. She can be angry and violent and ruthless. Wanderer is the attacker, the thief. She is not like us, not even a member of our species. However, she is someone that I, at least, wish I was more like. She’s a better person than Melanie in a lot of ways, and yet a weaker person. The differences between the two main characters are the whole point of the story. If they weren’t so distinct, there would have been no reason to write it.

Q: Did any of the characters surprise you while writing?

A: I am constantly surprised by my characters when I write—it’s really one of my favorite parts. When a character refuses to do what I had planned for him or her, that’s when I know that character is really alive. There were several characters who caught me off guard with The Host. One in particular was slated for a bit part as the wingman to the villain. Somehow, he knew he was more than that, and I couldn’t stop him from morphing into a main love interest. 

Q: Your Twilight series has had a lot of crossover appeal for adult readers, do you think The Host will also appeal to your younger readers?

A: I’ve had a great deal of interest from my YA readers about the release of The Host. I have no doubt that they will continue to make up a core part of my readership. I love blurring the lines between the different genres and categories—because in my head, a good book won’t fit inside the lines. I hope that The Host continues to do what the Twilight Saga is doing: showing that a good story doesn’t belong to any one demographic.

Q: How do you feel about the enormous success that you’ve had with the Twilight series? How has it changed your life?

A: I am continually shocked by the success of my books.  I never take it for granted, and I do not count on it in my expectations of my future.  It’s a very enjoyable thing, and I’ll have fun with it while it lasts. I’ve always considered myself first and foremost a mother, so being a writer hasn’t changed my life too much – except I do travel a lot more and have less free time.

Q: What adult authors do you read?

A: I’ve been reading books for adults my entire life. Growing up I was an avid reader—the thicker the book, the better. Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, The Sword of Shannara, Jane Eyre, Rebecca, etc. I’m a huge fan of Orson Scott Card, and Jane Austen– I can’t go through a year without re-reading her stuff again.

In honor of hosting The Host I’ll be giving away 3 copies of The Host courtesy of Hachette Book Group!

To enter – read the contest rules below and answer this question in the comments:

Which of Stephenie Meyer’s books is your favorite? If you haven’t read any of her books or you don’t have a favorite then tell me one of your other favorite books you’ve read this year.

Contest Rules for Hachette Book Group Giveaways:

-U.S. and Canada entrants ONLY

– NO P.O. Boxes please

– I’ll be contacting the winners so be sure to leave a valid email address!

– The winners will have 48 hours to reply back to me with their addresses so be sure to check your spam folders!

 ***Note: Contest Rules for Hatchette Book Group Giveaways are seperate from my own Contest Rules)***

Contest will end Tuesday, June 30th at midnight central time!!!

To check out the rest of the stops for The Host Blog Tour check out the calender HERE!

Thanks for stopping!


     Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Looking For Your Opinions…

June 16, 2009


As you can see, I got rid of my monthy slideshow release page… there are just sooo many books that come out every month that I’d love to share with you in the slideshow I had posted that I don’t think everyone is gonna sit through because, I hate to say this, but it would be so long and I don’t want to bore you… so I thought why not ask you all what kind of slideshow should I do? Should I do one of my upcoming reviews? Or would you prefer to have the old slideshow back and let’s say I keep it to a minimum like the “Top 10 books I’m looking forward to seeing release each month” or what other kind of slideshow do you have in mind? I’d really like to know… so don’t be shy voice your opinions!!!

Also I’d like to know if there any authors you would like to see guest blogging here? Please keep it within the Romance, YA, and Pet genre.


Fellow Book Giveaways!

June 15, 2009

I’ve found out about several book contests that are currently going on right now so I thought I’d share them with you…


Darque Reviews: Book Giveaway – The Marked Series by S.J. Day


Darque Reviews has a great giveaway going on – which is sponsered by S.J. Day‘s publicist over at TOR books!

They’re giving away 3 whole sets of the first 3 books in S.J. Day‘s Marked Series!!! You have the whole month of June to enter so be sure to head over there before June 30th! CLICK HERE to enter!


Ravenous Romance – Summer Hunt: Hosted by Night Owl Romance


Head on over to the Night Owl Romance website to join in on their June 2009 Web Hunt called the Ravenous Romance – Summer Hunt! You must be 18 years old or older to enter! To enter: answer 7 questions found in the book blurbs found on the authors websites. For further details and to join in the “hunt” CLICK HERE.


Summer Sizzler Contest with Kimberly Killion


Kimberly Killion is giving away a basket FULL of 15 autographed books (by her and her fellow ZEBRA authors) + a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!!!

CLICK HERE to see which autographed books you could win and to ENTER! You have until September 1st!


Anna Kathryn’s June Give Away Basket


Anna Kathryn Lanier is giving away a basket full of summer reading!

Prizes include:

WHAT A LADY WANTS by Victoria Alexander
TEMPTING THE PRINCE by Patricia Grasso
SKINNY DIPPING by Connie Brockway
THE SHOE QUEEN by Anna Davis
THE WINTER ROSE by Jennifer Donnelly
NIGHT KEEPERS by Jessica Andersen
GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen
SECRETS Vol. 2, multiple authors
LA VIDA VAMPIRE by Nancy Haddock
A LITTLE BIT WICKED by Victoria Alexander
TALK NERDY TO ME by Vicki Lewis Thompson
A CD copy of SALVATION BRIDE by Anna Kathryn Lanier

CLICK HERE for details on how to enter! Contest ends June 30th!


Demon’s Not Included Book Promo Sweepstakes


St. Martin’s Press is having a sweepstakes for Cheyenne McCray‘s new release, Demons Not Included!

To enter CLICK HERE and fill out the entry form! Contest ends June 23rd!


Stumbling Over Chaos’s Contest of BABEL


Stumbling Over Chaos is giving away a ton of used books! See the photo above to see what books she’s giving away! Keep in mind they are USED books and they may contain some kitty fur! *meow*

To read the details on how to enter CLICK HERE! Contest ends June 18th!


I want to thank April over at LadyVampire’s Lair for sharing these contests on her blog so I could pass them on to you!

Have any book contests/giveaways you know about that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments area with a link to the contest or email me the details and I’ll post about it tomorrow! – my email address is in the CONTACT bar on the right>>>>


      Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


Guest Author Interview: Judi Fennell

June 12, 2009

Please help me in giving a warm welcome to Sourcebooks Casablanca Author, Judi Fennell!


Dani: Thanks so much for being here, Judi! First, would you please tell us a little about yourself?

Judi: Dani, thanks so much for having me! I’m a wife, mom, daughter and sister, a Penn State grad, former professional meeting planner, president of my local chapter of Romance Writers of America and an author. I love animals and would have a houseful if Hubs would go along with it. I like to read (of course) and would love to travel more. I lived in Spain in college and would go back in a heartbeat. Gorgeous country, incredible history and just an amazing place to live.

Dani: Where did you get the “itch” to write?

Judi: I’ve always had it. I still have a story I wrote in first grade on that awful lined yellow paper. It’s about a raindrop. In second grade I won honorable mention in a Caldecott Award contest; I still have my journals from fourth grade where I wrote about Mr. Magickal and a zebra-striped, sewer-dwelling alligator. In sixth grade we could get an A if we wrote three reports about animals; I wrote ten. In ninth grade a friend and I challenged each other to write a romance a la Harlequin. I finished mine and still have it. Not bad for a ninth grader with limited life experience.

Dani: How long have you been writing?

Judi: I took a hiatus from writing during college and life afterward. Job, kids, house, life etc. kept me busy. When my youngest started school was when I got back into it. Then I joined RWA in 2004 and haven’t stopped.

Dani: Could you tell us about your current release, In Over Her Head?

Judi: In Over Her Head is a play on so many different meanings of those words/that saying/the plot/the heroine. It was the perfect title for me and I remember when it came to me (when the story was about half way done) I knew I’d found the perfect title.

Erica Peck owns a marina but is terrified of the ocean. Reel Tritone is the ne’er do well second son of the ruler of the Mer kingdom. When Erica ends up almost drowning in the ocean, Reel swims in to save her. But saving her now puts both their lives in jeopardy. To save their lives they must recover a cache of stolen diamonds and outswim the mother of all sea monsters. Along the way they visit Atlantis, chat with some fish, and end up on a deserted island.

Dani: I noticed on you website you have books #2 and #3 in your Mer Trilogy coming out later this year and early next year. Could you tell us a little about them as well?

Judi: Wild Blue Under is the story of Reel’s twin (and older) brother, Rod, who is the heir to the Mer throne. In order to claim the throne and the Immortality that goes with it, Rod has to fulfill the Mer Prophecy by bringing back a lost Mer princess to Atlantis. The problem is, Valerie Dumere lives in Kansas, has never seen the ocean and doesn’t have a clue that she’s half-Mer. Toss in a pretender to the throne and there’s a whole lot going on in the Wild Blue Under.

Catch of a Lifetime is the story of Rod and Reel’s sister, Angel, a Mer scientist set on winning the directorship position of the Mer/Human Coalition and Logan Hardington, the Human she’s moved in with to study and who has no idea she’s a Mer. When he does, Logan’s got some hard thinking to do, especially when Angel has to face The Council tribunal for allowing a Human to know about the Mer world. Logan has to decide if he’s going to throw her to the sharks or if she’s the Catch of a Lifetime.

Dani: Out of all the books in your Mer Trilogy, which was the most challenging to write and why?

Judi: You know, I don’t know. I do know that In Over Her Head was the easiest to write-until it wouldn’t sell. That’s because, originally, Reel had a tail. I thought it worked; beta readers thought it worked, but editors didn’t. Once I changed Reel to a two-legged Mer with tail issues, the story sold. The other stories each have their own challenges because of the initial rules I created for the world in In Over Her Head, but each character has his or her own story and you need to tell them in the same vein as you do the original. I can honestly say that I’ve loved crafting their stories.

Dani: Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Judi: Sometimes it’s a “what if” idea; other times it’s a “I want to write a twist on The Little Mermaid.” Sometimes a scene or opening line or character just pops into my head. No rhyme or reason to it, and I actually have more ideas than time to write them. Which is better than the reverse.

Dani: What are you currently working on?

Judi: Right now I’m working on edits of Catch of a Lifetime and I’m putting together a proposal for more Mer stories as well as another series that’s hanging around in my brain. We’ll see which direction we go next.

Dani: What’s been the best experience in your writing career?

Judi: Reader feedback. Absolutely, hands-down the best. I wrote In Over Her Head for me. It hadn’t been contracted; I knew my “little talking fish” story would sound strange to others, but I had such fun with these characters. When I entered it into an online contest, where people could critique the first two chapters, that was the best. I had no idea how it would be received and from the 800 + comments I got, people really enjoyed it. I was especially honored by all the fish/sea puns they came up with when critiquing it. “You reeled me in,” “I love this story, hook, line & sinker” to name a few.

Dani: What’s been the worst experience in your writing career?

Judi: Deadlines. Knowing something has to be done and be good by a certain date. That changes the dynamic. Where writing once was something fun and able to be fit into my spare time, now it’s a job. I still love it, but I’m very conscious of every word needing to count because I don’t have infinite time to edit it.

Dani: Since you’re an author, I assume you’re an avid reader as well. What books do you enjoy reading? Who are you favorite authors? What books are on your keeper shelf?

Judi: I read all genres. I think most avid readers are like that. We read the backs of cereal boxes. Obviously, my favorite is Romance, but I’m thrilled there are so many subgenres. I read historical (Julia Quinn’s When He Was Wicked is on my keeper shelf), paranormal, especially light paranormal (Jill Barnett’s Bewitching is my absolute favorite book ever – I think I have 3 copies on my keeper shelf), Contemporary (love Rachel Gibson and Diana Holquist, Cardinal Rules by Barbara Delinsky is on the keeper shelf), Romantic Suspense (Cindy Gerard and Karen Rose are amazing)… I’m always discovering new authors thanks to all the conferences I go and the books they give out.

Dani: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (besides writing and reading of course)?

Judi: What is spare time? J Seriously, I’ve been striving for publication and have a family.  Now I have deadlines and proposals to put together. And promotion. Not much time left over that’s “spare.” I do have a group of girlfriends and we get together every Thursday night to watch Survivor and a few other shows. They keep me sane and it’s nice to just go be me. Not Mom Judi, not Wife Judi, not Author Judi.

Dani: What’s the coolest thing about being an author?
Judi: Seeing my stories on the shelves and hearing from readers that they enjoy them.

Dani: What advice would you give to aspiring writers today?
Judi: Pour your heart and soul into your story then divorce yourself from it. Be willing to step back and take an objective look at it. Let other people take objective looks at it. Yes, it’s your baby. Yes, it’s a part of you. But it’s also a product for the masses and you need to make sure the masses want it. Unbiased, honest opinion is invaluable and if you find someone who can give you that, keep them around.

Dani: Anything else you’d like to tell us?
Judi: Author Kelley St. John came up with an incredible promotion for her debut and she shared the ins & outs of doing it with me and I was lucky enough to find two bed & breakfasts who wanted to come on board with it. I’m offering readers the chance to win one of three romantic beach getaway weekends to celebrate the release of each of my stories in conjunction with the Atlantis Inn (www.AtlantisInn.com) in Ocean City, NJ and the Hibiscus House (www.HibiscusHouse.com) bed and breakfast in West Palm Beach, FL. All information is available on my website www.JudiFennell.com. Thanks so much for having me, Dani!
Dani: Thanks again, Judi for being here today!

 If you’d like to purchase In Over Her Head, Book #1 in Judi’s Mer Trilogy, click on one of the links below:

Sourcebooks, Inc.


Barnes & Noble


If you saw my blog’s June Cover of the Month then you all know how much I love “Mer stories” so I’m really looking forward to telling you what I think of this book! I’ll be posting my review of In Over Her Head up by next week so keep a look out!


       Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict