Cover Of The Month


Every 2nd of every month I’ll announce a book cover as “Cover Of The Month.” I know a lot of blog’s already have some sort of “Of The Month” thing, but I thought it would be fun to do one anyway. Now your probably wondering why I chose covers. Well, I love book covers. Cover flats are my favorite promo item and I collect them. Book covers are how I discover new to me authors most of the time. I run across a cover that I really like, I read the back blurb, I’m hooked. It’s as simple as that. ) Okay, so this is how every “Cover Of The Month” post will go… I’ll post a cover and it’s information on it (the back blurb, author, cover artist- if available, where you can purchase it, etc.) then I’ll tell you why I chose it as “Cover Of The Month.” Some months I might even have you help me choose a “Cover Of The Month” by doing a poll for it.


CLICK HERE for the CURRENT “Cover Of The Month”


Here is a list of the previous “Cover Of The Months:”

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