Love needs no reason. It just is.

September 29, 2009

Time for some more book quotes! I love finding new quotes in books that I read. 😀




       The King’s Champion by Catherine March



“Love is not nonsense. It is everything. For without love what is a man? Just an empty shell.” – Sir Lindsay Crawford (fellow knight/friend of hero, Troye de Valois)

“Love needs no reason. It just is.” – Lady Eleanor Raven (heroine)

I actually found two quotes in this book, both about love. I like both of these quotes very much, especially Lady Eleanor’s quote.




               Sold Into Marriage by Ann Major



“Life is a journey without reliable tour guides. You made plans and then you got distracted and took detours that proved to be dull, disastrous, or wonderful, or a combination of all three.” – Josie Navarre (heroine)

This quote made me laugh. It’s so true and yet whats wrong with getting distracted or going off course? What’s a journey without a little adventure?


Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


One comment

  1. Special quotes or zingers in every book make you remember them for sure.
    Johnny Ray

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