BDBR: SEALed with a Promise by Mary Margret Daughtridge

May 5, 2009


Title: SEALed with a Promise

Author: Mary Margret Daughtridge

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book In Series: #2 of The SEALed Series

Publication Date: April 1, 2009

Rating: 3paws


“Navy SEAL Caleb Delaude had a less-than-ideal childhood. His biological father abandoned his family at Caleb’s birth and left them to a life of poverty, refusing to help even as his mother lay dying. So when he is assigned to protect the powerful senator who he suspects is his father, his vicious grudge turns into a strong urge for revenge.

But then he meets biology professor Emmie Caddington, a close friend of the senator’s daughter. He thinks he’ll use her to spring the secret of his illegitimate birth on the senator’s unsuspecting family, but his interest in Emmie begins to get complicated.

He’s a SEAL 24/7, and that doesn’t leave much time for women or love. Her fascination with him finally makes him feel good about himself, but when the truth finally comes out, will their budding relationship be nothing more than a means to revenge… or is she the key to his salvation?”


I love a good “Men in Uniform” love story. Anything from firefighters to military men, but my favorite is definately Navy SEALs. I think what really draws me to them is their whole take charge, protective, and stubborn attitudes. Plus, I love the whole suspenseful plots in a lot of the stories I read.

At first I thought Caleb “Do-Lord” Delaude and Emmie Caddington were an odd match. Emmie was against everything Caleb is: a SEAL and Caleb thought Emmie was too “plain” for him and yet she intruged him, but once you got more into the story and found out more about each character they actually did have a few interesting things in common and it shows that opposites really do attract. Their love connection though seemed to be put on hold somewhat throughout the story until towards the end because Caleb was so full of guilt and anger and wanted revenge so the story tended to focus more on that aspect then the relationship itself.

The relationship between Caleb and Vicky (10 year old Senator Teague’s daughter), also known as “Little Bit” (the nickname Caleb gave her) interested me more then the actual love relationship between Caleb and Emmie. Caleb and Vicky are a lot alike, they are both strong-willed, determined, and brave. The fact that they both had Trypanophobia- a fear of needles- was interesting as well. I really liked how the author focused on and explained their phobia, it really showed me from the characters point of views how they felt about it and how Caleb helped Vicky to understand her phobia and not exactly over come it, but learn to face it and somewhat accept it. Some people tend to just brush aside phobias and think they are nothing to worry about or that they are not real, but they are very real. I actually live with someone who has Arachnophobia- a fear of spiders- and you truely don’t fully understand what they are going through unless you yourself are the one with the phobia.

In all, the story was a good read though the ending seemed somewhat rushed. If you enjoy a good “Men in Uniform” story then I’d recommend you pick it up and give it a try.


If you’d like to purchase SEALed with a Promise, just click on one of the links below:

Sourcebooks, Inc.


Barnes & Noble


Be sure to check out Mary Margret Daughtridge‘s website to find out more about the SEALed Series!


       Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. Hey Dani..

    I love that you are doing reviews now… I am so looking forward to this book, after Sealed With a Kiss (which was perfect), but i am not getting the vibes that it holds up nicely as the first book…

    I am still buying it, i love Ms. Daughtridge style and Do-Lord was one of the more original support cast from her first book..

    Love the commentary on the book..


  2. Hey Dani,

    So I bought this one and the previous book SEALed with a Kiss though I haven’t read either yet. The TBR pile is killing me right now. I have two other books that I’ve started that I need to finish but find I’m in the mood for Harlequin. Go figure. LOL

    Liked the review. I like it that you told us what you thought and how it came across to you.

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