Favorite Romance Genre?

April 27, 2009

I’m sure everyone has a favorite romance genre and I’d like to know what yours is… maybe your favorite romance genre changes from time to time depending on your “mood” or liking. Maybe there is only one true romance genre for you and it always has been your favorite and you think it always will be. Who knows?

So are you a fan of the Contemporary Romances? You enjoy finding a character you can relate to in the here and now? Maybe reading about something familiar and known to you?

Or are you a fan of the Historical Romances? Getting sent back into the 1800’s (or whatever century you prefer) to see how life was back then?

Or maybe your a fan of the Paranormal Romances? Discovering new worlds and getting to see through the eyes of the author some unimaginable and unknown things and characters? 

Or just maybe you prefer one of the other many great romance genres…

So, what I’d like to know is… What is your favorite romance genre? and why?

Mine? I’m all for the Paranormal Romances. Especially ones involving werewolves/shapeshifters and vampires. 🙂 I think its the fact that paranormal is so “unreal” and “unknown” in our world that I love this genre so much and also it fascinates me in so many ways. 🙂


      Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. I like a wide variety of romance – paranormal, contemporary, erotic, romanctic suspense. I don’t think I have a favorite genre over another. As long as there is an HEA and a good story I’m happy.

  2. Oh, my favorite is definitely historical romance. Love it!! Second would be paranormals.

  3. Paranormals or romantic suspense, I love them both.

  4. I am not sure I can tell you why, but I do love historical romance. Historical fiction is also my favourite in non romance genres as well. I do read a fair amount of paranormal as well.

  5. I’m like Greta. I love a bit of everything but am currently going more toward contemporary. When the mood hits though I can go paranormal (yum shifter), historical (though its been a while) or romantic suspense. Throw in some romantic comedy or whatever else catches my fancy and I’m a happy woman.

  6. Dani~ There’s an award for you at Merry Weather-had to give you this one, for all the encouragement you’ve given to me. Thanks again.

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