BDBR: A Duke To Die For by Amelia Grey

April 11, 2009


Title: A Duke To Die For

Author: Amelia Grey

Genre: Historical Romance

Book In Series: #1 of The Rogue’s Dynasty Series

Publication Date: April 1, 2009










Responsibility is the last thing the carefree Duke of Blakewell is looking for when it arrives on his doorstep in the form of a beautiful young lady. In a sequence of unfortunate events, the guardianship of Miss Henrietta Tweed falls to Blake.

Blake doesn’t know if he’s irritated or impressed by Miss Tweed’s boldness, but he can’t be responsible for her. His feelings for the seductive and captivating Henrietta are far from what a guardian should feel for his ward. Finding it hard to resist his desire for her, Blake decides the only honorable thing he can do is find her a suitable husband.

Henrietta Tweed has been controlled by men since her parents died when she was a young girl. She’s not interested in her roguish new guardian finding her a husband.

All of her previous five guardians have died, causing her to believe she is cursed. Not wanting the appealing Duke to die because of her, she tries to warn him off. Blake isn’t one for superstitious nonsense, even though mysterious accidents are happening that put him in danger.

Blake considers possible suitors, but eventually rules them all out and concedes that Henrietta has captured his heart.

But has he pushed her away for too long?

Henrietta must find a way to escape the curse, and Blake, before he becomes the next “duke to die for.” “


The main thing in the story that caught my attention the most was “the curse.” Curses intruge me, not that I think they are positive things or that I would wish one upon someone because I sure wouldn’t want one bestowed upon me but, they just make the story more mysterious and I like that. Curses are one of those kinds of things where you are not sure what exactly will happen or when, it’s basically a mystery.

I really enjoyed how Amelia had Lord Chesterfield’s (a character) wise quotes throughout the book, they were quite interesting. She also did an excellent job at explaining what each character looked like in great detail. I felt I was actually seeing the characters through her eyes. I especially LOVED the description of Henrietta’s ball gown for her debut at Lady Windham’s party, the dress sounded absolutely beautiful.

Blake and Henrietta’s love for each other was… undescribable. You could just see how the two were perfect for each in so many ways and how when they looked at one another, thought about one another, and talked to one another their eyes, thoughts, and words showed how much they were falling in love with each other throughout the story. Now when I say undescribable I mean that when you see two people fall in love whether it be in a book or in real life you can’t entirely try to explain that love to someone else. I know that there is a definition for the word “love” but, that doesn’t give it much justice does it?

All in all, this book was a good read. If you enjoy historical romances then I’d definately recommend you pick up this novel. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens to Blake’s cousins’ Race and Morgan and how they find love. Race’s story releases in October 2009 and is called A Marquis To Marry and Morgan’s story releases in April 201o and is called An Earl To Enchant. You can read more about each of their stories HERE.


If you’d like to purchase A Duke To Die For, just click on one of the links below:

Sourcebooks, Inc.


Barnes & Noble


Be sure to check out Amelia Grey‘s website to read more about The Rogue’s Dynasty Series and her other great books!


      Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


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  1. My breath caught when I read about that dress, too! I’m looking forward to the next books.

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I linked to your review here

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