Guest Author: Amelia Grey!

April 10, 2009

Hey Everyone! Please help me in giving a warm welcome to Sourcebooks Casablanca Author, Amelia Grey!


The Making of a Hero

By Amelia Grey

 Sometimes I am asked, “Amelia, how do you come up with your heroes?”  Well, don’t get me started on formula writing, I’ve already been there in another blog.  I do believe there is some truth to there being a formula for coming up with a hero.  And right up front, I’ll say there is nothing wrong with a good formula—just ask The Coca-Cola Company. 

The first thing I do when I’m working on a new story is to establish what kind of hero I want for the book and this is where the formula comes in.  There are several well-established types of heroes to pick from.  I won’t go into to all of them here because that would take up more space than I have and you don’t really want a long article—just a tidbit, right? 

One of my favorite types of hero is the “man from the past”.  This kind of man makes a delicious hero—he’s the man who got away years ago, but he’s back.  And he’s back for better or worse, and he’s back forever.   And then there is the hero who is the dangerous stranger.  I mean what romance reader’s heart doesn’t start beating just a little bit faster when she picks up a book and the heroine is immediately thrust into dangerous intrigue with the best-looking stranger she’s ever seen?  I can feel the palpitations coming on.  







And another of my favorites just happens to be the kind of hero I created for A Duke To Die For; the guardian/bodyguard/protector. And what makes this kind of hero even better to me is if he is a reluctant hero as well.  I simply love it when a man who has no desire to do so, has to  protect, guard or take care of a damsel in distress.  But he always steps up to the plate and saves the heroine in just the nick of time.  Ahh…that is a hero at his best.



“Responsibility is the last thing the carefree Duke of Blakewell is looking for when it arrives on his doorstep in the form of a beautiful young lady. In a sequence of unfortunate events, the guardianship of Miss Henrietta Tweed falls to Blake.

Blake doesn’t know if he’s irritated or impressed by Miss Tweed’s boldness, but he can’t be responsible for her. His feelings for the seductive and captivating Henrietta are far from what a guardian should feel for his ward. Finding it hard to resist his desire for her, Blake decides the only honorable thing he can do is find her a suitable husband.

Henrietta Tweed has been controlled by men since her parents died when she was a young girl. She’s not interested in her roguish new guardian finding her a husband.

All of her previous five guardians have died, causing her to believe she is cursed. Not wanting the appealing Duke to die because of her, she tries to warn him off. Blake isn’t one for superstitious nonsense, even though mysterious accidents are happening that put him in danger.

Blake considers possible suitors, but eventually rules them all out and concedes that Henrietta has captured his heart.

But has he pushed her away for too long?

Henrietta must find a way to escape the curse, and Blake, before he becomes the next “duke to die for.”  “


Do you prefer a certain type of hero in your romance novels? 


I honestly am not picky about the type of heroes I like to see in a romance novel but, if I had to pick one I’d say I prefer the more cocky and stubborn types of heroes myself. I don’t know why but, I’m just drawn to them for some reason. 🙂 

If you’d like to purchase A Duke To Die For, just click on one of the links below: 

Sourcebooks, Inc.


Barnes & Noble


Also, keep an eye out for my book review of A Duke To Die For, it will be posted sometime within the next week!

Okay Everyone! Amelia has agreed to stop in today to answer questions and comments! So be sure to answer her question and give a wave and say Hi! Be sure to check out her website to read more about The Rogue’s Dynasty Trilogy and her other great books!


      Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. Thank you for posting

    “guardian/bodyguard/protector.” I love those sort of heroes as well.

    I try not to read historicals if i can help it – now, however i am impressed at the simpicity with which you choose your heroes and your build up from there…

    Dani has always recommended some wonderful book, never failed me yet…

    Please let me know if you have ever considered writing contemporary as the protector, guardian heroes is such a wonderful heroes that crosses over well.

    I have read other books under your other name from the Zebra press, years ago – a few have permanent place on my shelf…


  2. Hello Everyone,
    I’m happy to be with you today at cofessions of a romance book addict and I want to thank them for having me as a guest today!

    I have published one contemporary which was many years ago under the name Charla Cameron. It was a Harlequin American titled Diamond Days. I do enjoy contemporaries and may one day write more. I’m impressed you still have some of my old books on your shelf! That is so cool!
    Stay in touch! Amelia

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I’ll admit I haven’t read your books but this one looks very intersting. I think my favorite type of hero is the Omega Hero. He’s fierce, protective, a bad-ass but has a family conntion and friends. He’s not a loner.

  4. Hi I wanted to say that I have read some of your boos in the past znd have
    enjoyed them a lot I am now just starting to read A.Duke To Die For I
    sure that I will tis book as well.

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