I’m Back!

March 30, 2009

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? 😀 I’m really sorry for the long hiatus…  again… it just hasn’t been my last couple of weeks, though I’m sure its been more but, I’m too afraid to look at how long I was gone for. 😛 First I got very sick – again… worse then when I got sick at the beginning of the year, then I had the luck of our main computer crashing so now I have to share one computer with 3 other internet hungry people lol and we don’t plan on getting the one that crashed fixed anytime soon. Like I said… hasn’t been a very good few weeks. To everyone that has emailed me: I’ll be replying to your emails asap! Just give me some time and you’ll be hearing back from me soon! 🙂 Also keep an eye out! I’ve got some great authors guest blogging in the next couple weeks. 😀


     Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. Welcome back hon – you were missed


  2. Hurrah Dani~’s back!!!!!! Don’t worry about emailing me you probably have tons to catch up on. Sorry to hear you were sick. You do have an award coming your way – stop by Merry Weather’s and pick it up when you have the chance.

    Yeah! It’s happy dance time – Confessions is back on the ‘net’.

    Merry Weather

  3. Welcome back. I was wondering where you went. I know you like romance…of course LOL…so you should check this out:


    The latest contest. 🙂


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