Guest Author: Nalini Singh!

February 27, 2009

Hey Everyone! Please help me give a warm welcome to author, Nalini Singh!


I was a reader long before I became a writer, and like all readers, I have my super-favorite authors. I also have favorite series’.

So when I hear that a beloved author is branching out to start a new series, I’m partly happy, and partly worried. Happy because it means more books to read, but worried because what if it means they’ll stop writing the series I already love?




This year, I’m seeing that situation from the other side. I write the Psy/Changeling series, but March 3rd sees the release of ANGELS’ BLOOD, the first book of the Guild Hunter series. I plan to continue to write the Psy/Changeling books alongside the Guild Hunter books, and I hope readers will come along for the ride. I’m incredibly excited about both worlds and can’t wait to explore them more.


My questions for you today are: When an author you love branches out, do you follow them at least for the first book? Or do you only follow if the new book or series speaks to you? Are there any authors that you’ve followed into new series/worlds, and fallen in love with them all over again?




To check out Nalini Singh‘s other books CLICK HERE.


To PREORDER Nalini Singh‘s March 3rd release, Angels’ Blood, click on one of the links below.








Okay Everyone! Nalini has agreed to stop in today to answer questions and comments! Be sure to answer her questions as well and give a wave and say Hi!

Also, everyone who leaves a comment gets entered to win a copy of one of her backlist books (winner’s choice) from her Psy/Changeling Series (has to be published BEFORE 2009)! I’ll let everyone know in the comments when the winner will be chosen… this contest MIGHT go on longer then today!


       Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. When an author branches out, I don’t necessarily follow them. The new series has catch my attention. That being said, I loved the first two Psy-Changeling stories (the rest are on my TBR list) and will probably try Singh’s new series. I would love to be entered in the contest.

    carolsnotebook at wordpress dot com

  2. I do often follow an author if they branch out within the same genre. One author is Rachel Caine. I started out reading her Weather Warden series and thought I’d try her young adult Morganville Vampire series and I definitely fell in love with it as well.

    I’m extremely excited to read Angel’s Blood. It sounds fantastic. And after having read all the books in the Psy/Changeling world thus far, I have no doubt that the Ms. Singh’s writing will be awesome in this book as well.

  3. I definately follow an author when they branch out – after all it’s the author’s writing voice that I love to read and new series/new situations can be as engaging as previous books, even if they have chosen genres/situations that I wouldn’t previously have been drawn to. So I would always try the first book – and continue with the series if it grabs me by the throat!

    Authors changing worlds – hmm the obvious would be Nora Roberts/J D Robb. Jayne Ann Krentz with her paranormals/historicals/contemporary’s.

  4. If I LOVE the author, I will most definitely follow for at least the first book. And most likely for more. I tend to be a very loyal reader to an author I love, and a book would really have to turn me off from a favorite author to make me stop that series. And even then, one book likely wouldn’t do it. LOL.

    I know that there have been several authors that I’ve read multiple series on, but only two are coming to mind at the moment. I read and loved Nalini’s Psy/Changelings, and absolutely adored Angels’ Pawn. And Lynn Kurland – started with her historical romance, and continued with her when she went more the way of fantasy.

    It helps that I like a lot of variety in my reading, but I’m always open to more great work from an author I love. 😉

  5. Oops – forgot my question! Lucas Hunter has ‘claw’ markings on his cheek – were these as a result of the fight/beating when his parents died or was he born with them as a sign of a ‘Hunter’?

  6. I don’t always follow the author, particularly if they branch into a genre I don’t enjoy. For example, I’m not interested in Jim Butcher’s non-Dresden series at all. Of course, for some reason your Psy-Changeling series hadn’t intrigued me when I’d come across it in the past, but after I won an Angel’s Blood ARC, I started reading Psy-Changeling and love it (reading Mine To Possess right now).

  7. I usually follow an author when they branch out. Always at least to the first book.

  8. I will follow an author all the way through one series and into others if they branch out!

  9. When an author i like branches out – i do tend to follow them, irrespective of what they write and read everything they write as well.

    You sometime have to take the good with the bad, so if one of the books in a series is bad – that certainly does not put me off – I think I am more likely to see what will come next. I am an erotic reader myself, but i love my paranormal – vampi and shifter in huge doses as well.

    Some of the authors i follow are.
    Maya Banks
    Patricia Briggs
    Karen Whiddon
    Beverly Barton
    Cindy Gerard
    I do follow Ms. Singh’s work and i will most definately by snapping up the new book as soon as it hits the shelf.
    Along with those, there are a slew of erotic authors – that i never miss.

    Question for Nalini,

    With the introduction of this series, what will be the turn around time on new books in both series as you are now running two series back to back – will you be releasing one or two a year in each series.


  10. When it’s an author I really love I buy almost every book they publish. If they branches out and write something totally different I’ll try at least one or two of them.

  11. Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to help me welcome Nalini!

    Also, the contest will go on til 11am (CENTRAL TIME) TOMORROW I’ll announce the winner soon after… so be sure to check back to see if you’re a winner!

  12. I’m follower. Once I’m hooked on an author it takes a lot for me to “give-up”, probably 3-4 bad books in a row. Tenacious, aren’t I? Even then I’ll probably still get the later release but wait until I can get them used.

    As falling for author all over again… Angels’ Blood totally rocked so that put Nalini on top of that list.

  13. I always follow favorite authors. I will continue to try any new series/styles of books a Favorite Author gets published. If the characters of the new series don’t grab me, I’m sad, but I still always keep trying that authors books, because I’m always hopeful that spark they originally had will re-appear. . . no matter how much time has passed.

    As far as some authors that has held true are:
    I loved Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series and now avidly follow her Fae books.
    When Kresley Cole went from ship captains & Highlanders (sensing a theme here) to Immortals After Dark, I jumped in and love it.
    When Lisa Kleypas, and Julie Garwood leaped from primarily writing historicals to Contemporary romance Thrillers I was all aboard for the updated ride.
    And I will happily follow Nalini Singh into her Vampire/Angel world and any other creation she comes up with because good storytelling is simply good regardless of time period, setting or genre.

  14. HI Dani & Nalini!

    Hmmm. I’m a bit cautious by nature. If I know an author I love (e.g. Nalini 🙂 has a new series then I’m very eager to try and learn more about it and see if the new world is something I might like to explore. I don’t doubt the author’s writing skill (I have complete faith in you Nalini 🙂 but it’s more whether the world & characters will appeal to me.

    I have to say, all I’ve heard of Angel’s Blood and Elena has me itching to read it. Elena seems to have a lot of depth, which I love in a character.

    And thank you for the contest Dani. I’m in NZ and so I’m not sure if the contest is open to non-US residents. If not, no worries. It’s just lovely to discover and new blog and meet more people 🙂

  15. I definitely follow an author, or at the very least try to. The author’s new series or genre doesn’t always agree with me. One example is Julie Garwood – I love her earlier historical novels but don’t particularly like her contemporaries so I haven’t read any of them since the first one. The same thing happened with Judith McNaught and Iris Johansen – loved their earlier books but can’t be bothered reading them now. Another example is Christine Feehan – absolutely love her Carpathians, Leopard series and Ghostwalker series but am slightly indifferent to her Drake Sisters series. I do have the Drake Sisters books and I must admit that as the series has progressed I have enjoyed them more but I have definitely had to persevere with the series. Like others who have commented here I am always open to new worlds or series from favourite authors.

    Nalini, I thoroughly enjoyed Angel’s Pawn and my question relates to your Guild Hunter series. Will we see more of Ashwini and Janvier? Will they get their own full length story?

    have a great, if slightly damp day here in Auckland!

  16. Thanks for the welcome and the lovely words on my books, everyone!

    Onto the questions – if I miss one, please repost!

    Willa: He was born with them 🙂

    EH: At present it’s meant to be 2 Psy/Changeling books, 1 Guild Hunter per year, but I also do novellas as well, so there might be a bit of fluidity in that.

  17. For an author I like a lot, I’ll usually follow her when she branches out and see what I think, then decide after I try them out. I’m sure to be trying Nalini’s new series.

    I’m a fan of Lisa Kleypas and historicals, and finally tried her contemporary books and ended up liking them a lot, even though I tend to read less contemps, so you never know until you try.

  18. I work on a book-by-book basis. I was burned by following the ‘Wheel of Time’ series all the way through,only to be forced to do without the big climactic final book in the series when the author sadly passed away. It’s made me a little jumpy.But: the first book in a new series? Like catnip for me.

  19. I usually follow the author to a new series. If the change is to a genre I rarely like, I won’t. If they stick with one genre, such as writing another paranormal, I almost certainly will.

  20. congrats on teh books. looks like another winner

  21. Once I start reading an author I tend to keep reading that author from one series to the next.

    Great contest!


  22. I always follow a great author! If I liked one thing about them, I usually like the next thing! 🙂 Yea Nalini!

  23. Ooh, sorry I’m late for this one. Yes, I followed Lisa Kleypas when she moved into contemporary romance and I love her new work as well. Although her historicals will always be special to me, I’m really enjoying her new contemporary series.

    If I really enjoy an author’s work, I’ll follow no matter what.

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