Winter Blues

February 7, 2009

So as you’ve already noticed I’ve been a no show for the past two days… been super busy trying to catch up on a ton of e-mails and am still behind… go figure… ūüėõ


and I think I’ve caught the Winter Blues… do you ever get that? Where you are just so sick of the cold, ice, and snow all together and are ready for Spring! I am so ready… I’m a firm believer that Winter should only last from December 1st to January 1st… ya… I know I’m weird, but I just don’t like Winter :P.

So, anyone want to know what my “cure” ¬†is¬† for the¬†Winter Blues until¬†lovely Spring shows up?


Hot chocolate!!! With lots… and I mean lots of mini marshmallows… *happy sigh* i love marshmallows… ya so that’s my cure… and I’m gonna share with you my¬†FAVORITE recipe for homemade¬†hot chocolate (or what the recipe calls it hot cocoa) courtesy of Nestle Toll House’s Very Best Baking website.

Nestlé Toll House Hot Cocoa


COMBINE sugar and cocoa in medium saucepan; stir. Gradually stir in 1/3 cup milk to make a smooth paste; stir in remaining milk.

WARM over medium heat, stirring constantly, until hot (do not boil). Remove from heat; stir in vanilla extract. Top with whipped cream or marshmallows, if desired, before serving.

Make sure you follow the directions exactly! Especially about the part of making a paste… its important! Trust me this recipe is soooo yummy and it’s the easiest and best hot chocolate/cocoa I’ve ever had! You won’t be disappointed!

Now¬†what I’d like to know is…¬†

What is your¬†cure for the¬†Winter Blues? and don’t say a good book! I know I’m taking away the best answer, but I want you to pick something else!


     Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. Hey Dani – check out my blog Thursday’s post. Winner Anya Bast post.

    How is the Susan Krinard book. I’ve been looking at it for a while.

  2. Oh gosh, best cure BESIDES a book? I guess hanging out with friends, awesome hoodies, rice krispie treats (homemade…though I haven’t had them in forever!!), and umm…music. ūüôā


  3. LOLOL! In your shoes, I’d be ready for it to leave as well. You need to spend your winters down south. We were in shorts today.

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