Merry Weather

February 4, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Bev, a good friend of mine, who has been a great supporter of my blog and I has launched her own book blog! I’m so excited for her!

She’s got some great posts up already and his having her first GIVEAWAY! She’s giving away two scented candles. The scents are rasberry creme and lemon icebox cookie. I know… don’t they sound amazing and I bet they smell amazing too! 😀

She also has this great theme day called “Serendipity Sunday” I just love the name! Plus, a bunch of other things going on… she’ll have not only book reviews, but movie reviews as well, more giveaways, and another theme called “Storytime.”

So jump on over and check out her blog Merry Weather! Give her a wave and help me welcome her into the blogging world! You won’t be disappointed!


        Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. Thanks for the warm welcome to the book blogging community. Hugs ~ Bev

  2. I’ll head over now. Thanks Dani.

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