What’s On Your Playlist?

February 3, 2009

For those of you that are new to my blog…

Every 3rd of every month I’ll pick out My Top 5 Songs and My Favorite Music Video Of The Month that I love. Then I’ll ask you, “What’s On Your Playlist?” I might even tell you why I like them so much and if they remind me of someone I’ll tell you who. Maybe there is even a special memory attached to a song and I’ll tell you a bit about it. Why am I doing this… because I LOVE music. Music is my life. If I don’t get to listen to music everyday… I have withdrawals. I love to blast it and sing along to it. I own over 200 CD’s… I stopped counting years ago. I listen to pretty much anything… from country to hard rock. Even some heavy metal. I also LOVE movie soundtracks… even High School Musical and what I call “kid bands” like the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato (I’m a big kid at heart). By asking you guys, “What’s On Your Playlist?” I’ll probably even discover new songs from you guys, which is just awesome! ***NOTE: You can listen to My Top 5 Songs on my Myspace Music Playlist on my profile. CLICK HERE to go to my Myspace.***

So here we go…

My Top 5 Songs

  • I’m So Sick by Flyleaf
  • Wow I Can Get Sexual Too by Say Anything
  • Tell Me Something I Don’t Know by Selena Gomez (Another Cinderella Story Soundtrack)
  • Photographs & Memories by Jason Reeves
  • Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

I know the lyrics and even the title of Wow I Can Get Sexual Too are “inappropriate” to some people, but I LOVE the lead singers voice, his singing is just amazing.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know I first heard on the Another Cinderella Story movie when it aired on ABC Family (Thanks for mentioning that on your blog Lauren!) and I love Selena Gomez, she’s not only a great singer and actress, but I discovered after watching the movie that she’s an amazing dancer as well. I love the song and it’s so catchy and makes me wanna get up and dance to it!

Jason Reeves has been one of my favorite artists even before he got a record deal. I discovered him on Myspace a few years back and bought his CD (signed). His voice is amazing and beautiful and his song Photographs & Memories is just perfect.

Favorite Music Video Of The Month

Misery Business by Paramore

Paramore is one of my favorite bands. I like this video because I honestly think the girl in the blue dress gets what she diserves in the end. 😛

Now for the question of the day…

What’s On Your Playlist?


        Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. You are quite welcome. I love that song too. Say Anything is really awesome…the songs I know, and that’s definitely a fun one!!

    On my playlist? Some British bands like The Hoosiers.


  2. Hmmmm….my playlist is pretty big but I’m not sure I can pin down 5 songs that I just love and have to listen too. It depends on my mood but I can say that I put most of Nickelback’s album and Daughtry’s album on it…..for now.

  3. I’m with Brandy in that I flip around through so many bands and songs that its hard to pin down a few top songs. But I can tell you that the last 2 artists/bands I listened to were Pink and Nightwish. I was listening to them last night.
    On a side note, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog over at http://ladyvampire2u.blogspot.com/2009/02/ive-been-tagged.html .

  4. i like your post very much, you are owesome

  5. Right now my top 5 most played this week are:

    Caitlin Crosby “Still Have My Heart”
    Lady GaGa “Just Dance”
    Angelspit “100%”
    Jeremy Lister “Just One Day”
    Peasant “Not Your Saviour”

    I have to check out the Flyleaf song “I’m So Sick”, I love her voice

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