Untouched Winner!

January 25, 2009



Congrats Nicole! Please contact me at the e-mail address listed in the contact me box with your name and mailing address as soon as possible! If you don’t contact me by Friday (January 30th) I’ll be picking a new winner!

Thanks to everyone else who entered and for all the recommended reads! I have tons of new books to check out! 🙂 Don’t worry there will be plenty more contests coming soon!



I have a question for everyone…

I’m a big movie buff and love recommending movies to people… would you all be interested in seeing me post movie reviews on my blog? The reviews won’t be anything major… just the movie poster, a synopsis on the movie, and my take on it. I don’t go to the movies a whole lot and I rarely rent movies so you won’t see movie reviews on here all the time.

I would like an honest answer. If you don’t feel like posting it as a comment for everyone to see then send me an e-mail because I really wanna know everyones opinion on it… whether good or bad. 🙂


     Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. Hey Dani,

    If this is something that you can find the time to keep up with – then it’s a good idea. As movies are delving more and more into the paranormal and is being placed into the visual arena – Twillight, Rise of the Lycan to name a few.

    You don’t have to do a regular piece – you could have a monthly – At The Movies – where you give us a summary of the movies you saw during the month, rather than weekly.


  2. That’s a good idea E.H. I like the idea of the monthly thing… like I said though I don’t go to the movies that often… not even on a weekly basis (I wish!) so if I am going to do this movie thing then it wouldn’t be weekly… but I’ll definately keep the monthly thing in mind 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Big time movie buff here too so I would love to see some reviews!

  4. Just popping in to say congratulations, Nicole! I hope you enjoy the green monster. And Dani, thanks for running the contest! Have a great day everyone(it’s Monday here in Australia and the Australia Day holiday, so happy birthday, Oz!).

  5. That sounds like fun Dani! The movie wouldn’t even have to be a new release. There are so many great movies out there, reviewing an older movie would give us more options when we go to the video store where all we have to go on is the video cover and the brief description on the back. I say go for it : D

  6. Bring it on. I don’t really go to the movies at all. Me and three kids….so not gonna happen. I am a die-hard Blockbuster renter though. Have the online account and everything, so much easier for me too.

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