Have you glommed today?

January 15, 2009

Definition of glommed– reading an authors book then hunting down all the other books by him/her and reading them as well.

I was in Mad’s Chat last Saturday and the other ladies I was chatting with got on the topic about glomming, I had never heard of the word “glomming” before this (supposedly in the dictionary it actually means to steal or catch or grab, but they told me otherwise).

I do a lot of glomming… a lot. I’m always researching tons of authors to check out there other books. Probably why my wishlist is so long… you wanna know how many books I have on my wishlist? I’m warning you it’s a big number…

as of right now… 936 and counting…

ya… I told you it was a big number lol. I know it’s going to get bigger because I just found some new authors books that I need to add to it. I’m always adding books to my wishlist. I can never seem to not find a book I wanna read. It’s just addicting you know. Now I know I’m probably not going to be able to read ALL of those books (let alone afford them) in my lifetime, but hey it doesn’t hurt to have all the books that I’d like on one list. Who knows when or where I might find them. I always seem to find books at garage sales (yes I LOVE junkin’), used book stores, and book swapping sites that I’d never think I’d find.

And no if you’re wondering I don’t keep a wishlist on Amazon. 😛 Sorry people, not a fan. I prefer Shelfari. I LOVE that site. I can keep track of my wishlist books, books I’ve read, books I’m going to read, and the books I’m reading now all in one convenient little place. How perfect is that? So if you haven’t joined already you should and if you do you should add me as a friend! 🙂

So the question of the day is…

Have you glommed today?

Thanks for stopping by!


    Dani~ aka The Romance Book Addict




  1. No I haven’t glommed today. It has been a while since I’ve actually done that. Let’s see I think the last author I went on a small rampage for was Mackenzie McKade.

  2. I had not heard of this word before. That’s so awesome.

    It’s hard for me to do that, because I really want too, yet my wishlist of books is long (not quite as long as yours, though if I wrote everything down, who knows?) and it’s still growing…it’s hard to stop and read a ton by one author.

    However, I have done that a bit with Chuck Palahniuk and Nick Hornby.


  3. I do not think that there is a day that I have not glommed. I tend to do that all the time…I am always looking for a new author and when I find one…I grab everything I can written by them!!!

  4. Boy, oh, boy, I am definitely a glommer. When I read a book I love, it becomes almost an obsessive-compulsive mission to buy every other book of theirs in existence. This would likely explain why my house seems to be getting smaller & smaller due to the piles of books littering every room. But I don’t care, I love my books & shan’t give them up for love nor country! *vbg*

    Books Make Great Gifts. Spread the Word!

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