Pet Nicknames

January 14, 2009

My topic today has nothing to do with books… just thought I would share that bit of info with you…

If you’re a pet owner, like me, and you consider your pets a member of the family then I’m sure you have nicknames or “second names” for them. All my families’ pets have nicknames… and more then one… numerous actually. Each member of the family tends to give each pet there own special nickname. Ya, I know… my family is weird like that. 😛 Some of them are weird… some embarassing… but I feel like sharing. So here we go…


Bear also known as…

Bubba Dog, Baby Bear, Bubba Gump, Butter Ball Berry, Bubba Bear, Bubba Gums, Block Head, Ju-Bubba, Bubba



 Ginger also known as…

Gingy (but you gotta say it in a french accent), Pretty Girl, Pretty Lady, Miss Lady, Piggy, Ging, Tookie, Tookie Bird, Raptor



Moochie also known as…

Moo-Moo, Choo-Choo, Moochie Moo Moo Latte, Mooch, Moo, Choo



Bo-Bo also known as…

 Bo, Marshmallow Man, Old Man




Chance also known as…

Little Man, Itle Me, Fatty, Yance, Trouble




Puss also known as…

Sweet Pea, Little One, Squeeky





Grippy (on the left) also known as…

Grip, Scaredy Cat, Sketchy




Monkey also known as…

Monk, Monkey See Monkey Do, Precious



doobieDoobie also known as…

Doober Doo, Scooby Dooby Doo, Doob



So there you have… all of my pets nicknames… I told you some of them are weird… Also, I know you all already know Bear’s story, but you’ll be hearing about the rest of my pets stories in the near future.

What to expect tomorrow…

  • I’m thinking about doing a topic on wishlist books… but we’ll see…

Now for the question of the day…

Do you have nicknames for your pets? If so I’d love for you to share! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


    Dani~ aka The Romance Book Addict



  1. They are too cute! And yup, we have nicknames for our babies, too! LOL!


  2. Hi! Dani. Thanks for entering the raffle on Monday. I didn’t see your name till today. I have a dog named Nutmeg we call her nutty, nutty-nut, nuggy, nuggupoo,nutty-nut stinky butt, nugowicz, nugoshwicz, mashuguna, and cinnamon.

  3. Aw, how cute!! I had a friend whose dog was named Mooch as well.

    I have one dog, and she does have random nicknames…usually from me. I call her “bubby” most of the time though. Her name is actually Luana (lou-on-uh)


  4. First, just wanted to say I love your blog.
    I have pets too! lol, you fam has a lot of them! They’re so cute!
    I have two rat terriers, Hades and Chaos, girl and boy. I call her “Wiggle Butt” cause she has a nub for a tail, and when she wiggles it, her whole butt moves, lol.

  5. Hey Dani,

    I love your nicknames for your pets!

    We’ve got two cats, Sadie and Rags. Sadie can be Sadie Sue , Sadie Lady or Fuzz Butt. Rags our newest addition goes by many names; Snicker Doodle, Ragsy Bagsy, Sweetie Pie, Boo Boo and Tootise Roll. Neither one of them answers to Get out of the way!! : D though but then what cat does ?

    We’re thinking about getting a third cat. Both of ours were strays so we might try the animal shelter.

    Hugs from frosty Ohio,


  6. Very cute! We have knicknames for our critters too. My old dog Topper, is more often called “Old man”, “mascara” (because of his eyes), Toppy and Top Dog. My young energetic border collie cross known as Katie (there is a lot about her in my blog these days!) is also called Katie cuckoo, and affectionately just “girl”. Great pictures of your kids. I especially like Moochie…what a doll! Great names for all your kitties too. Thanks for sharing your family with us all!

  7. Hi, Dani! What a great blog. I’m dreadfully behind, but can’t resist hopping in to agree that, yes, I absolutely have nicknames for my pets. I don’t even know how some of them come about; I just start calling them things & they stick.

    Precious is a.k.a. Precious Pumpkin Pie
    Angel is a.k.a. Angelbutt & Poohbear
    Nicholas get everything from Nick, Nicky, Nicholas Nickelby, Nichodemus…& everything else I can think of.
    Tigger is a.k.a. Tigga-wigger
    Harley is a.k.a Doodle, Doodlebug, & Sweevil Monster (“sweevil” was coined by my mother because he’s equal parts sweet & evil *vbg*)

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  8. […] in the spring, I have yet to find a 4-leaf clover. The third photo of the two kittens are from Monkey’s litter of three she had last spring. We no longer have Monkey, Jack, or Dusty (not […]

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