Bear aka Bubba Dog’s Pet Story

January 8, 2009


First off I thought I’d tell you how Bear came to be apart of my life, then I’ll tell you a bit about him and his personality, and then a funny story.

In Spring of 2005, Caitlyn, a friend/classmate of mine found Bear and his two brothers (puppies at the time) abandoned on the side of the road in a ditch. It was too late in the evening to call the DNR or an animal shelter to take them in so knowing that I love animals and would take in any stray she brought them to my house. I took them in and cared for them until after school the next day when we could walk around town and try to find them a new home. When we were unable to find a new home for them we decided it was time to take them to our local animal shelter. Before taking them there I asked my dad if I could keep one because I had always wanted a “dog of my own.” Well of course he said yes! Choosing one I picked the one out of the bunch that seemed more independent and that was the chubbiest.

 Now, almost 4 years later, Bear is the best dog anyone can ask for. He isn’t chubby anymore, as you can probably tell he is a rather BIG dog (he’s part labrador retriever and I think rottwieler- because of the size and shape of his head). He is goofy, lovable, caring, loves attention, and is sometimes not the brightest. He is my best friend, my “partner-in-crime”, and will always have a special place in my heart.

Now for the funny story. I mentioned that he is goofy and sometimes not the brightest and here is a story that shows it. This happened before Christmas. I call it…

Bear’s Funny Spider Incident

I was waking up one morning and was still laying in bed when I reached up over my head to turn my lamp on (my bedroom is in the basement so it’s always dark). After turning on the light and my eyes adjusted I looked down and noticed there was a spider- about the size of a quarter- a little over a centimeter away from my pinky finger. Where is Bear? He is awake and is sitting on the other side of the room on his bed watching me. Keep this in mind… I do NOT like spiders… so when I see the spider I do what I call a “squeaky scream”. For some reason, sometimes I can’t scream, I just squeak. I think it’s really annoying, but anyway I sat up as quickly as possilbe and grabbed the nearest magazine. Still sitting on my bed on my hands and knees (my brain wasn’t functioning well that morning I obviously didn’t think to get off the bed) I “squeaky screamed” again because Mr. Spider decided to move and swung the magazine down to kill it (I missed it- I have a horrible aim). While in the middle of my “squeaky scream”… Bear- not being the brightest crayon in the box and thinking it’s “playtime”- runs at full speed across the room, flies onto my bed and lands smack dab on the spider -killing it- knocking me off my bed in the process.  I thanked him for killing the spider… not so much for knocking me off my bed and on my butt. LOL

So, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed Bear’s Story. Look for more of my pet’s stories coming up in future posts! 😀

What to expect tomorrow…

  • Book Lovin’ Penpals Group

Now for the daily questions…

Do you have any pets? If so what kinds? Are any of them rescues?

Thanks for stopping by!


    Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict


  1. Aw, he’s so cute and that’s a very sweet story. Love it! It’s really cool that you rescued him. So awesome.

    I have one dog, named Luana. She isn’t rescued, but is soo adorable. One crazy animal though! lol


  2. What a funny story! I could just picture you trying to kill that spider. lol And Bear is a so precious! I don’t have any pets but if I did, I’d have a dog. They’re truly man’s best friend.

    Glad you took in Bear and gave him a wonderful loving home. You’re a special person with a heart of gold!

  3. LOL. I would have been off of that bed so fast. I don’t care how big the spider is…I probably would’ve thrown my cat at it…he has a thing for eatting bugs. LOL.

  4. […] a big, lovable, gentle, sweet, “talkative”, Great Dane who reminds me so much of Bear aka Bubba Dog. I’m not sure if anyone else notices these sorts of things about their pets, maybe it’s […]

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