Used Book Stores & Book Swapping Sites?

January 7, 2009

So instead of doing a post about the book swapping sites PaperBackSwap and BookMooch I thought I’d change the topic a bit and talk about Used Book Stores as well.

I know quite a few authors “shun” used book stores and book swapping sites because they lose profit from them, but I’m sure other readers would agree with me when I say that we will NEVER stop buying your books (new or other wise). We love you guys! We love your books, we love your writing style, we support you, we want to meet you any chance we can get (book signings, conferences, etc.)! There are so many things we like about all our favorite authors!

I honestly have to say that I prefer to buy all my books new anyway, but my family and I have always had money problems so I don’t always get to do that. So my other options? Go to a used book store or swap books on a book swapping site. It’s a lot cheaper and I can get more books for my money that way. I also mainly use these places to find “hard to find books” and books that are no longer for sale in stores or online.

Now for a little info about PaperBackSwap and BookMooch…

PaperbackSwap and BookMooch are both book swapping sites. All that is required for each site is a valid e-mail address, a valid mailing address, and some books you’re willing to swap. There is no cost to join or use either of the websites: your only cost is mailing your books to others. When you request a book from someone they pay for the shipping to ship the book(s) to you. Every time you give/send someone a book, you earn a credit/point and can get any book you want from anyone else at either of the sites.

My opinions about either of the sites? Which site do I prefer over the other? I LOVE both of these sites, but I honestly prefer PaperBackSwap over BookMooch. Why? because PaperBackSwap has more restrictions on the conditions of the books that you can trade then BookMooch does. On BookMooch there is a section for each book where you can list the condition your book is in, but a lot of people don’t use it and you really don’t know what kind of condition the book is going to be in when you receive it UNLESS you contact the person you’re requesting it from.

If you are a member of either one of these sites you should add me to your buddy list because I would LOVE to swap with you!

Here are the links to my profiles:



If you are not a member of these sites and are looking for a place to swap your used books instead of trading them in at your used book store I definately recommend joining one of these sites or if you just want to find out more about them here are the links…



It’s really easy to sign up and like I said all that’s required is a valid e-mail address, valid mailing address, and some books you’re willing to swap. If yo decide to join PaperBackSwap and REFER me (my username is: danie88) you and I both receive an extra credit/point to get a book!

So that’s all I gotta say about used book stores and the book swapping websites, PaperBackSwap and BookMooch…

What to expect the next couple days…

  • Tomorrow (8th)- Pet Story (Bear aka Bubba Dog)
  • 9th- Book Lovin’ Penpals Group
  • Now for my questions of the day…

    Do you like used book stores and book swapping sites? Any opinions on them? Are you a member of any book swapping sites? If so, what ones?

    Thanks for stopping by!


         Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict



    1. I am a Member of Bookmooch (just added you as a friend) and I love it…I have been a member for almost a year now and received over 200 books!! I also love used book stores and spend many hours there…Not that I do not still spend a ton of money on books…There are some books that I can not wait for so I must buy them when they are released…

    2. I am a member of Paperback Book Swap and also http://www.titletrader.com (another good book swap spot) so I don’t go to the UBS as often as I used to. I have found 3 good UBS in my area that I’ll try to visit in one day when I have a list of books that I haven’t been able to get on the swap sites. BTW, is your bookshelf at PBS on hold for a reason? I tried to look at your books there but couldn’t. From what I see on your wishlist, I don’t think we have the same taste in reading material since I lean towards the historicals but I put in a buddy request to you. I’m warbler43.

    3. I don’t participate in any on-line bookswapping, but then I don’t do Netflix either since my PO box is an hour and twenty minutes from our ranch. I do frequent a used book store, though I won’t travel the extra distance to get to it if I’m only after one particualar book while I’m in town. I save it for browsing, especially for hard cover and nonfiction reference books. In fact, that’s where I stumbled upon The Adoration of Jenna Fox, which I see you’re currently reading. I only have one word for that book. Brilliant! It totally blew me away it was so well conceived and written.

    4. I’m not familiar with book-swapping sites but I can see that they might be useful, especially when you’re looking for a hard to find book. And, they would help keep bookshelves from flowing over. That’s a problem I have. I get more books than I have room for and don’t know what to do with them. I’ve taken some to my used book store here and traded them in. That’s always nice.

      On the other subject, as an author I love used book store. I think any time I can pick up new readers is well worth it. I know when it comes to royalties, I don’t get anything from used bookstore sales. But, that’s not the most important thing to me. Guess I’m weird. LOL

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