Bubba Dog’s Book Reviews

January 4, 2009


 Hi, my name is Bear aka Bubba Dog! My mom (who you all know as Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict) and I review Romance and YA books of all sub-genres. She reads ‘em I rate ‘em.

Here is our rating scale:




=Not A Fan









=It Was Okay.

Didn’t Really

 Catch My







=Liked It









=Really Liked It










Definately A





So there you have it. If you’d like your book reviewed by my mom and I then just drop us an e-mail at romancebookaddict @ hotmail.com (without the spaces) for details.

***NOTE: We CANNOT guarantee a time frame that the review of your book will be finished but it WILL be reviewed.***

You’ll notice a new page up titled “Bubba Dog’s Book Reviews.” We’ll have all the previous book reviews listed on that page once we post them of course.

What to expect the next few days…

  • Tomorrow (5th)- The Animal Rescue Site and The Literacy Site
  • 6th- PaperBackSwap and BookMooch
  • 7th- Pet Story (Bear aka Bubba Dog)
  • 8th- Book Lovin’ Penpals Group
  • Since my mom (Dani) is sick in bed today… she told me I could pick the daily question(s)…

    So the questions are…

    Do you like book reviews? Is that one way you discover if you should read the book or not? Are you a book reviewer yourself?

    Well, that’s it… Thanks for stopping by!




    1. Aw, how cute! I love dogs and this is such a fun, unique way to do reviews. I love book reviews. It definitely gives me ideas on what to read or look up, and yes, I am a book reviewer myself. Tons of fun!


    2. Love the rating system.

      But do any of them get a doggy kiss? The ol’ wet tongue across the cheek? And how about some feline approval? No Purrfect reviews?


    3. lol Bear doesn’t do kisses -he won’t even give me kisses… i believe he thinks he’s too “manly” for it…

      i love cats too (have 5 of them) but I honestly like dogs better

    4. Hi Bear!

      Our mom reads a lot of books too. She gets this magazine call Romantic Times with all kinds of reviews in it. You should see her smile when Smokey carries it in from the mailbox. We know it’s gonna be awhile before she’s ready to play catch or rub our tummies. She reads some reviews online too but she pretty much already knows what she likes so she doesn’t make many buying decisions based on reviews…unless it’s a recommendation from someone she knows who likes the same kinds of books she does. Oh, and she writes reviews too. She’s been reviewing books for romancenovel.tv since last winter and she really likes that a lot. Sometimes she gets lost in a review book though and then we have to take things in paw and let her know it’s time for some fun…our kind of fun! Do you have to do that with your mom too? Humans…sigh…whatcha gonna do? You gotta love ’em…quirks and all.

      Sniffs and wiggles,
      ~Smokey & Cassy

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