January Cover Of The Month

January 2, 2009

First off I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and even left comments welcoming me into the “blogger world.” It means a lot to me. You guys ROCK! 🙂

Every 2nd of every month I’ll announce a book cover as “Cover Of The Month.” I know a lot of blog’s already have some sort of “Of The Month” thing, but I thought it would be fun to do one anyway. Now your probably wondering why I chose covers. Well, I love book covers. Cover flats are my favorite promo item and I collect them. Book covers are how I discover new to me authors most of the time. I run across a cover that I really like, I read the back blurb, I’m hooked. It’s as simple as that. 🙂 Okay, so this is how every “Cover Of The Month” post will go… I’ll post a cover and it’s information on it (the back blurb, author, cover artist- if available, where you can purchase it, etc.) then I’ll tell you why I chose it as “Cover Of The Month.” Some months I might even have you help me choose a “Cover Of The Month” by doing a poll for it.

So now for the “official” first “Cover Of The Month.”

I Married A Demon by Beverly Rae


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-60504-245-9
Length: Plus Novel
Price: 6.50
Publication Date: December 9, 2008
Cover art by Natalie Winters

What’s a nice girl like me doing with a demon like you?

Jennifer Randall ignored her instincts and rushed into a vacation-fueled romance and quickie marriage to devilishly handsome Blake Barrington. But as a Level 10 Protector with the super-secret Society, how’s she supposed to keep the man she adores happy while hunting down gargoyles, zombies and other evildoers of the Otherworld?

As if balancing work and newlywed nookie sessions wasn’t hard enough, now she’s been assigned to find the Bracelet of Invincibility before a high demon lord can claim it. And Blake seems hell-bent on distracting her at every turn.

Blake Barrington will do anything to regain his mortality and live happily ever after with the woman he loves. Including delivering to his demon lord the one object that could be his salvation—the Bracelet. Too bad part of the contract includes killing his wife. Getting around this small glitch might be doable…if his ghoul-cursed brother wasn’t after the prize, too.

Jenn’s suspicions mount, and finally the evidence is undeniable. Her sexy spouse is a demon.

Great. Now what? Shag her husband? Or shoot him?”

Why did I choose this cover? I LOVE COLOR! Love, love, love it! Especially vibrant color, it brings out things so much better and keeps them from being dull or boring (in my eyes anyway). Plus, in the word DEMON the “O” is a heart… I also love hearts. What could be cooler then that? 😀

Wondering where to purchase this book? CLICK HERE


You’ll notice a new page up titled “Cover Of The Month.” I’ll have all the previous “Cover Of The Months” listed on that page once more months come along of course.

What to expect the next few days…

  • Tomorrow (3rd)- What’s On Your Playlist?
  • 4th- Bubba Dog’s Book Reviews
  • 5th- The Animal Rescue Site and The Literacy Site
  • 6th- PaperBackSwap and BookMooch
  •  Now for the daily question(s)…

    What do you like/dislike about this cover? Have you read this book -if so you gotta tell me if you liked it or not because it’s on my wishlist? If you haven’t are you thinking about buying it now to read it? Do you like this “Cover Of The Month” feature?

     Okay, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by! 😀


         Dani ~ aka The Romance Book Addict

    P.S. If anyone is interested in checking out Natalie Winters other covers that she’s designed just CLICK HERE . I’ve checked them out myself and they are awesome! Come on… click the link… you know you want to. 😀



    1. Thanks so much! Bev was really amazing to get to work with. She knew she wanted something fun and sexy. Its always a joy when I open cover art forms like hers.

    2. Hi Dani –

      Great way to start the new year with a blog! I love, love, love book covers. I think it’s the number one “pick me up” component to a book. If you send me your contact info, I’ll send you a cover flat for my April release. Drop me a note on http://www.donnamacmeans.com and I’ll put you on an automatic send list.

    3. Dani,

      This looks like a great site.

      As an author, I appreciate bloggers who spread the word about romances. Thanks for promoting romance.


    4. I just loved this book. Pick it up if you love humor and the paranormal.

    5. Hi Dani, welcome to the warm and sometimes wacky but still wonderful world of blogging. Your blog is looking exciting. Good job!

    6. Hi,

      Seeing the cover of I Married a Demon chosen as Cover of the Month was a great way to start the new year. Thanks, Dani!

      But don’t let Natalie fool you. She did the work on the cover. All I did was give her an idea of what the book was like. Congrats, Natalie!

      Thanks, Tammie. I’m glad you liked the book. I’m working on the next one in the I Married series right now. For anyone who’d like more info on I Married a Demon, take a look at the video on my website at http://www.beverlyrae.com.

      Happy New Year!
      Giggle, Gasp & Sigh with a Beverly Rae Romance

    7. […] HERE to check it […]

    8. I do love the cover as well and coverflats are one of my favourite things I have a lovely collection of them and truly adore them all.

      Have Fun

    9. Natalie is a great cover artist. She did my last cover and it rocked!

    10. This cover is very eye-catching. Love the use of all the red. Now if I just looked that good in that dress. 🙂

      Hey, I have some book cover flats too if you’d like one.

    11. Nope, never read this book…but I do like the cover. The heart is very cute and the color definitely pops out at you. It sounds like a fun read! Reminds me of the show Charmed when one of the sisters was dating, and I think even ends up marrying, a demon. LOL


    12. Gorgeous cover! I haven’t read the book but I love all that RED. It’s very appealing.

    13. I love the cover! Red is so powerful.

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